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The charming house in Premantura offers nice accommodation

from 268 € / night
Both inside and outside, thanks to the impeccable furnishings, this house is a fairy tale. This charming apartment in Premantura, located on the first floor and near the square, radiates warmth, comfort and beauty. All furniture is made of wood, antique and in excellent condition, in perfect harmony with the warm colors of the walls, the kitchen and the textiles. Since there are two bedrooms with two beds and one additional place to sleep on the couch, this comfortable apartment offers ideal accomodation for six people. The floors are made of solid wood; there is a nice red bathroom with shower and another white bathroom with bathtub. The modern and well equipped kitchen in warm shades of red is located at the entrance of the house. In front of the apartment, on the top of the wavy decorated stairs, there is a comfortable bench and beside it a table and two wooden benches placed under a ceiling ventilator.
  • - to the grocery store: 150 m
  • - to the restaurant: 50 m
  • - to the coffee shop: 50 m
  • - to the casino: 7 km
  • - to the nearest airport: 10 km
  • - to the nearest sports field: 750 m
  • - to the sea: 550 m
  • - to the sea by airline: 490 m
  • - to the nearest beach: 790 m
  • - to the gravel and stone beach: 1 km
  • - to the rocky beach: 1 km
  • - to the concrete terraces on the beach: 1 km
  • - to the sandy beach: 5 km
  • - to the grassy beach: 2 km
  • - to the beach suitable for children and non-swimmers: 1 km
  • - to the center: 50 m
  • - to the ambulance or hospital: 5 km
  • - to the pharmacy: 5 km
  • - to the ambulance: 5 km
  • - to the public transport: 100 m
  • - to the next traffic and noisy road (main road, highway etc.): 900 m
  • - to the nearest railway station: 12 km

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