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Holiday vacation in the village of Barbariga


The name of the town of Barbariga has its roots from the Venetian noble family Barbarigo which had estates in that area. The findings from the Roman era showed the present of settlement on this area.
The town of Barbariga is located on the west part of the Istrian peninsula and it's located halfway between Rovigno and Pula.

The surroundings of Barbariga were settled even in the ancient times. Many archeological findings alongside the coast and the hinterland have confirmed that thesis. There were findings of a Roman villa from the 1st century and an antique oil refinery discovered alongside the sea shore.

Barbariga is surrounded by the untouched Mediterranean nature and many olive groves which make the town perfect for a family vacation. If you have already booked an apartment or a house in Barbariga, you are going to be overwhelmed by the local beaches and bays, restaurants, sport and fun activities.

Dragonera, the remains of the roman villa which was inhabited from the 1st - 4th century, is located on the sea coast. Except the remains of the old villas, stone blocks and oil refineries you can also see the remains of other different sites of economic character.

Today touristic town of Barbariga can accommodate up to 6 000 guests and it is built in the 1980'. Private accommodation renters offer apartments, houses and villas in Barbariga.

Barbariga offers a large pebble beach, crystal clear water and an excellent choice of restaurants and taverns to its guests.