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Frequently asked questions about Luna Rossa agency

Frequently asked questions

General questions
Why choose Luna
Since 2001, we are here for you - ensuring a relaxed and carefree holiday in Istria, Croatia. Look for us at our headquarters in Medulin, Munida 4a. Whether you are the guest or the host, due to our skillful mediation, the satisfaction on both sides is ensured. Our trained team, which consists of highly qualified agents, functions as a family! With a warm welcome, we invite you to join us on the sunny Istrian peninsula! Book your accommodation in Istria - Luna Rossa is delighted to host you!

Other Luna advantages?
Make your reservation and save up to 150€ for your next reservation with Luna
There is no extra cost - calculated price is the total amount you pay.
Payment on arrival - book the best accommodation from Luna offer and pay upon arrival in Croatia.
The original review - opinions and comments posted by our customers after their vacation in Croatia.

Gift vouchers and when I get it?
Where can I find Luna Terms and Conditions?
With their reservation confirmation, the guests are accepting a binding contract with the agency. By clicking on the following link you can see all rights and commitments of the guest as well as the agency.
Terms and conditions

My account
How do I register?
The registration process is simple. Enter your e-mail address and choose a password.

What happens if I forget my password?
The easiest way is to send an e-mail to our customer service. Our employees will check the database and let you know your password as soon as possible.

Accommodation search
How to look for accommodation?

Select service
Select destination (optional)
Select dates of arrival and departure
Select number of persons
Click the Search button
How to use detailed search of private accommodation through the filter?
For a more detailed research is necessary to choose one or more parameters on the left side of the page, which requires only a single click, with which you will make the selection of the offer. Once you see the parameters of the accommodation (accommodation type, number of rooms, equipment and services, distance ...), it means that accommodation is available during the selected period and you can book it.

What types of private accommodation listings are there?
Lists of all the accommodations are available in more than one way. The apartments can be listed according to the list, photos and a map with the correct geographic coordinates of the chosen accommodation. You just have to choose the type of list that you like and accommodations will be listed according to your choice

How can I check if the accommodation is available?
Detailed description of the structure contains the photographs of the inside and outside of housing, prices and availability. When you click on the tab for price and availability, you can see the dates available for the selected accommodation. A calendar will appear with the colors that represent dates available as well as those that are locked (green-available-locked red, orange-chosen period).

Why on our website states that the accommodation is available, but you get negative feedback to your question?
Private accommodation availability changes every day and it is hard to have a completely accurate availability calendar. This is precisely why sometimes occurs that we receive an inquiry and reply that the accommodation is not available.

Reservations and payment models
How to book a service from our offer?
Booking process is explained on the following link - How to book
How do I pay for the reservation?
You can find all the information about the payment on this link – Terms and conditions
What if I cannot pay for the reservation within the booking options?
If you are not able to pay for your booking within a given period, it is advisable to notify the agency. If you do not receive your notification, the situation may result overbooked.
Are my credit card information secured?
Luna uses technology that encrypts your personal information and credit card information. The data are only available to you and Luna

Can I change the reservation after confirmation?
If you want to change the number of guests or dates of your stay, you are obliged to notify the agency in writing to our e-mail
Any changes must be approved by the service provider.
Will I get a refund if I cancel my reservation?
Read all the conditions relating to the booking process on this link - Terms and Conditions
How can I find the accommodation I booked?
After receiving the notification on the payment, we will send the voucher to your e-mail with all the necessary informations. The majority of our accommodation has the GPS coordinates that will be written on the voucher. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Who do I contact in case of any problems upon arrival at the accommodation?

 In case you experience problems related to the accommodation booked, contact Luna and we will try to solve the complaint via telephone. If not, our representative will come to the accommodation.

Travel documents-voucher 
What is a voucher/travel document?
The voucher is the guarantee that you have booked a service from our offer and contains all the information about your booking, as well as contact information of the owner. It also contains information about the customer and reservation: name and surname of the customer, number of people, dates, and the amount of the downpayment.
When will I receive my voucher/travel document?
As soon as we receive your payment, you will receive your travel document/voucher as a reservation proof. If you choose to pay online, you will receive your voucher in a few hours. If you choose to pay the advance payment or full amount by bank transfer, it takes several days until the money comes to our account and it may take up to 4 days before you receive your voucher.
Information about private accommodation

What is included in the price of private accommodation?
The price includes the use of electricity and water, dishes, cutlery, linen and towels. In most of the structures, the final cleaning is included in the price, or is emphasized as an additional service
What services can sometimes be charged?
Additional services are sometimes not included in the price, such as the rental of chairs or something like that. These additional services are arranged directly with the owner.

What is standard equipment of the accommodation?
All units, except the rooms, have a kitchen with a stove and a refrigerator, crockery and cutlery. There is also the laundry. Other services are indicated for each unit.

Is there a certain time when I come and go from the accommodation?
Unless stated otherwise, the check-in is after 14 pm on day of arrival and check-out should be by 10 am on day of departure.

What will happen if you do not inform the agency of all persons who come into accommodation?
If in the house it presents a number of people that does not match the number written on the voucher, the owner is not obliged to accept the booking. Therefore, it is necessary to inform the agency of all guests (adults and children) or write this information in the booking formulary.
Can I bring my pet?
Some owners do not accept pets into their houses. If an owner does accept pet, it is clearly stated on web pages, together with the surcharges required. It is very important to add the pet to your booking form and inform the agency; otherwise the owner does not have to accept the reservation. . 
Other issues (rent-a-car, transfers, ferry)

Where can I book a transfer to the accommodation?
Where can I rent a car/scooter in Istria?
Where can I rent a bike in Istria?
Where can I learn more about the ferry lines in Istria?
You can see all the information about Croatian roads on the following page. You can see which parts of the highway have been completed, the cost of the highway and many other information.