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Simple explanations on how to book your accommodation

How to book

Step 1. - Selection
Look for accommodation or other services on our website via main menu, through our destination guide. When you find the most suitable accommodation or service, click on the Book button.
Step 2. - Price calculation
Once you enter the main data from the reservation, you will receive a calculation for a given period and number of guests. To continue the reservation process, click the Next button.
Step 3. - Reservation form
Enter your personal information, as well as information about other passengers, in the form of a reservation. For accommodation and service that are marked Available immediately, the agency guarantees their availability. In this case, you can continue to choose the payment method and confirm your reservation, except in rare cases when we need the confirmation from the owner.
For accommodation without the tag Immediately available, our customer service will send you an e-mail about availability within 24 hours (48 hours in case of weekends and holidays). In case of availability, we will notify you by e-mail to continue the booking process and select the payment method.
Step 4. - Payment
In order to confirm your reservation, choose a payment method and enter all the necessary information. Luna Rossa ensures safe handling and secure transmission of your information.
Once we receive the paid deposit, we will send you a confirmation of your booking and notification of receipt of the deposit paid, as well as information about the owner of the booked accommodation.
Once we received the total amount, we will send you a receipt and voucher as proof of the amount you paid for the accommodation and/or other services.