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Holiday vacation in the village of Fažana


Fažana is a Mediterranean town full of historical stories dating from the ancient times of the Mediterranean. The name of the municipality of Fažana is linked to the name of a bird - pheasant (Croatian fazan), or to the art of pottery which was very important for this area, especially for production of amphorae.
Fažana is located on the very south of the Istrian peninsula, by the city of Pula, opposite the National park Brijuni. If you decide to visit Brijuni, Fažana will most definitely be your intermediate destination. You can taste the life and the intimacy of the Istrian lifestyle in Fažana. Apartments and houses for rest are offering you the feeling of the Mediterranean life with the help of its unique interior and exterior.

If you decide to take a walk along the beautiful boardwalk be sure not to miss one of the many restaurants and their sea specialties. Alongside the top gastro-experience you will also enjoy a view on the vivid fishing port.

Except spending time at the beautiful beaches and in the crystal clear sea, you can also spend your vacation time browsing through the rich cultural heritage of this small town.

Despite being a small town, Fažana is well filled with accommodation capacities - there are apartments, houses, villas, well equipped hotels and pensions in Fažana. Along the apartments, houses and villas there are also camps and a hostel in Fažana.

If you are visiting Fažana, we definitely recommend you sightseeing the cultural and historical heritage which includes religious objects, roman, medieval, Italian and Austro-Hungarian architecture and heritage.

The wine road of Istrian malmsey and the olive oil roads will surely satisfy each fan of high gastronomy. For true gourmands you can pick from a wide repertoire of Istrian specialties which is offered on the traditional fažan table.

There are many interesting facts linked to Fažana. Many famous movie and music celebrities and historic personalities like the King and Emperor Franz Joseph I. crossed through this small town. The church with the lowest altitude in Istria is also located in Fažana.

You will surely experience some beautiful moments visiting Fažana. Such an amount of history, culture and natural beauties in such a small community will offer you everything you need for your perfect vacation.