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Holiday vacation in Krnica


Krnica is a small picturesque Istrian village situated on the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula at the altitude of 195 m. It is 25 km apart of the nearby bigger city Pula. The wild landscape and nature surrounding Krnica is characteristic for this Mediterranean area, while the view from the sharp gorges and ridges stretches through the Kvarner Bay and the nearby islands.
Krnica offers beautiful hidden bays, beaches and its underwater world. The inside of the peninsula is rich of the Mediterranean plants, pine woods and beautiful countryside which make Krnica an ideal location for spending your vacation in the nature. Depending on your wishes and needs, you can adapt your vacation by the form of accommodation. There is a big offer of apartments, houses and villas that fulfill everyone's taste with their design, location and charm.

It is considered that the Krnica area was inhabited still in the prehistory and in the Roman era. To confirm that predictions there are many archaeological findings as a proof which you can explore if you decide to visit Krnica. According to some researches, the name "Krnica" is linked to the Celtic word "kar" which means "stone".