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Vacation in the village of Savičenta


This small town in the south of the Istrian peninsula is a true gem. He carries three names, Svetivinčenat, Savičenta and San Vincenti. But, interesting things are not just associated with its name, but also with all the aspects of the cultural life in Savičenta.
In Savičenta is a famous medieval castle of family Morosini-Grimani located,  famous for hosting many events during the summer months. Traditionally, Dance festival and nonverbal theater, Cheese festival and Wine festival are held there. The name of Savičenta is associated with the Hispanic martyr of St. Vincenzo and the namesake abbey around which the city was built.
The beautiful greenery of the Istrian peninsula will make you stay in nature but the town itself has a lot to offer to its visitors. Religious buildings, memorial collections, museum and, of course, the famous castle will fulfill your days in this beautiful town.
You can find a refreshment in one of the many restaurants which offer consists from the most famous Istrian and Mediterranean dishes - homemade pljukanci, ravioli, gnocchi. An excellent dinner should end with a glass of an excellent wine from the Istrian wine cellars. Be sure to try the Istrian muscat, malvasia and teran.
But if you overdo with the dinner, take a long walk along the picturesque nature simply enjoy your villa in Savičenta. The lovers of the sea and beaches will find a place for themselves in the nearby city of Rovinj or some other small coastal town. Book your villa on time and do not miss to spend an unforgettable vacation in the Istrian gem of Savičenta.