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Apartments in Banjole surrounded by wonderful scenery

from 0 € / night
Replace everyday hectic routine with magnificent experience of the first morning coffee with a view of the impressive landscape of the small fishing village near Pula. Choose from three neat and spacious apartments in Banjole, which are located in a private house bounded by stone wall and evergreen shrubs. Positioned on the ground, first and second floor, each of them has its advantages - a large covered terrace on the ground floor is ideal for socializing, the view which extends from the first floor balcony is priceless, while the panorama from the third floor terrace leaves breathless, and the large central swimming pool, which stands out on the spacious sun terrace, will not leave you indifferent. In addition to the pool, which is accessible without barriers, there is also an outdoor barbecue and an outdoor toilet. Enjoy Banjole, in a spacious yard and comfortably furnished apartments!
  • - to the grocery store: 500 m
  • - to the restaurant: 550 m
  • - to the coffee shop: 500 m
  • - to the casino: 5 km
  • - to the nearest airport: 9 km
  • - to the nearest sports field: 1 km
  • - to the sea: 350 m
  • - to the sea by airline: 290 m
  • - to the nearest beach: 1 km
  • - to the gravel and stone beach: 2 km
  • - to the rocky beach: 2 km
  • - to the concrete terraces on the beach: 2 km
  • - to the sandy beach: 4 km
  • - to the grassy beach: 1 km
  • - to the beach suitable for children and non-swimmers: 2 km
  • - to the center: 790 m
  • - to the ambulance or hospital: 3 km
  • - to the pharmacy: 2 km
  • - to the ambulance: 2 km
  • - to the public transport: 800 m
  • - to the next traffic and noisy road (main road, highway etc.): 1 km
  • - to the nearest railway station: 12 km

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