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House with garden in Medulin offers good accommodation

from 0 € / night
We offer three apartments in Medulin located in a private house, which is situated on a fenced plot of eight hundred square meters. Two apartments are arranged on the ground floor, while the third is set in the attic. The apartment in the attic can accommodate up to six people and guests have at their disposal a washing machine, while two apartments on the ground floor; each for four people use a shared washing machine located in an auxiliary facility on the same plot. The guests have access to a terrace with a barbecue situated in the shared garden. Also, within the property there are three parking spaces for the guests.
  • - to the grocery store: 150 m
  • - to the restaurant: 150 m
  • - to the coffee shop: 200 m
  • - to the sea: 590 m
  • - to the sea by airline: 550 m
  • - to the nearest beach: 850 m
  • - to the gravel and stone beach: 900 m
  • - to the rocky beach: 900 m
  • - to the concrete terraces on the beach: 800 m
  • - to the sandy beach: 800 m
  • - to the grassy beach: 800 m
  • - to the beach suitable for children and non-swimmers: 850 m
  • - to the center: 550 m
  • - to the ambulance or hospital: 550 m
  • - to the pharmacy: 550 m
  • - to the ambulance: 550 m
  • - to the public transport: 150 m
  • - to the next traffic and noisy road (main road, highway etc.): 400 m
  • - to the nearest railway station: 12 km