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Useful information how to get to Banjole

How to get to Banjole ?

The beautiful green peninsula of Istria is shyly hiding its true Mediterranean oasis Banjole. It is a perfect place for those who are eager to rest and to completely relax themselves. If you have booked an apartment, house or villa in Banjole, you can reach your destination by air, rail or sea.
If you are coming to Banjole with a personal vehicle you will probably travel from the east taking the highway from Zagreb to Rijeka, continuing through the tunnel of Učka, Pazin and Pula.

Also, you can reach your destination traveling from west by the route Trst – Kopar – Buje – Pula – Banjole and from the north by the route Villach – Ljubljana – Pula – Banjole.

If you decide to reach your destination by the railroad, you can travel to Pula with a regular line from Ljubljana or, if you are coming from Zagreb, with a regular line to Rijeka; then with a HŽ bus to Lupoglav, continuing with the train to Pula.

You can reach Banjole from Pula with a public transportation, taxi or rent-a-car. Also, you can reach Pula with the bus from many national and international directions. Airport Pula is connected with several important European destinations, while the traffic connection between the airport and Banjole is possible via public transportation, taxi or rent-a-car.

If you booked an apartment, house, villa or some other form of accommodation in Banjole, you have all the means of transportation available to reach your destination depending on your individual desires and possibilities.