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How to get to Medulin, distances and traffic connections

How to get to Medulin?

Medulin is located in the South of the Istrian peninsula, at a distance of only 8 kilometres from Pula.
If you have booked your stay in an apartment, a house or a villa in Medulin, you can reach your chosen destination by air, road, rail, or sea. 

The distance between Medulin and Zagreb is approximately 280 kilometres. If you travel from Zagreb or Split, you will take the motorway to Rijeka, and after passing through the tunnel of Učka, you can continue your journey through the Istrian Y road system and further down local roads to Medulin. 

If you decide to travel by train, then you can reach Medulin via Pula, by a regular train line from Ljubljana.  However, if you travel by train from Zagreb to Medulin, you will first travel to Rijeka, then from Rijeka to Lupoglav by Croatian Railways' buses, and finally by train to Pula. You can reach Medulin from Pula by public transport, taxi, or rent-a-car. 

You can reach Pula by bus from many different locations in Croatia and abroad, and the town's bus terminal is well-connected with Italy by international bus lines from Venice, Padova and Trieste, which you can combine with airports in these cities. When you reach Pula, you can take the town bus lines to travel to Medulin. 

You can also travel to Medulin by airplane. The international Pula Airport is connected with some of the major European destinations. Pula Airport is connected with your chosen destination by public transport, bus, taxi, and rent-a-car. 

So if you have booked your stay in an apartment, a house, a villa or a different kind of accommodation in Medulin, you can reach your destination in numerous ways, depending on your preferences and priorities.