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Directions for your trip when coming to Novigrad

How to get to Novigrad?

Novigrad is located on the northwest coast of Istria and is 25 kilometers away from the Slovenian border and 15 kilometers away from touristic towns of Umag and Poreč. Because Istria has a good road connection, arriving here won't be a problem for you. No matter what type of transportation you prefer, you can choose from between a car, railroad or air transportation.
Novigrad is well connected with roads and highways with all directions and parts - from the north from Slovenia and Italy and from the south and the east from other European countries.
If you decide to reach Novigrad by air, the closest airport is the Airport Pula which is 75 kilometers apart from Novigrad. You will need about 1 hour of driving but you can reach Novigrad with a taxi, rent-a-car or a local bus.
Local bus lines are branched throughout the whole inland of the Istrian peninsula and are well known for its connectivity and reliability.
You can reach Pula with a train and continue towards Novigrad with a local bus, taxi or a rent-a-car.