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Vacation time in the village of Ližnjan


Ližnjan is situated on the very south-east of Istria in the midst of the scenery so typical for the Mediterranean area and especially for the Istrian peninsula. Being a fishing and agricultural town, Ližnjan looks from the hill-top at the Kvarner and islands of Cres and Lošinj.
Ližnjan is a small fishing and agricultural town situated on the south-east of the Istrian peninsula, 10 kilometers away from Pula. It can be said that Ližnjan is a typical Istrian town because of its location on the top of the hill on 45 meters above sea level.
While staying in Ližnjan, you can't miss 28 kilometers of untouched natural coastal area. Beaches, clean sea and rugged coastline especially stand out. Also, you will definitely enjoy the view on the Kvarner bay and islands of Cres and Lošinj from the hill-top Ližnjan is situated on.
If you decide to visit Ližnjan for your next holiday, you can choose from various accommodation types such as apartments, houses and villas with pool. Being a town situated near the sea coast, Ližnjan offers accommodation just ten meters away from the sea.
Since Ližnjan offers holiday activities on such many levels - sporting, historical, gastronomical and others - you definitely won't leave dissapointed. No mather what holiday you have imagined while staying in Ližnjan, there is a rich offer of activities to choose from.