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Find out more ideas on what to do while staying in Ližnjan

Things to do in Liznjan

Ližnjan is a small fishing and agricultural town located just 11 kilometers from Pula on the south-east part of Istrian peninsula. Therefore, the offer of events and activities is adjusted to such climate. So, if you are spending your vacation time in Ližnjan, you can expect a top touristic experience of traditional Istria.
Except a great offer of beaches and coves characteristic for the Mediterranean area, guests staying in one of the apartments, houses or villas in Ližnjan have a wide range of sport activities and fun events to choose from. The sports-activity offer consists from horseback riding, sailing, cycling, tennis, beach volleyball, hunting, sports fishing and surfing.
Also, just near Ližnjan, a touristic town of Medulin is located. During the summer, there are many touristic events held, like an amusement park, aquagan, colorful stalls and similiar.
If you are more into sightseeing, Ližnjan has a great offer of historical sights. The most popular is definitely Nezakcij, the most significant archeological locality on the whole peninsula which was once a political and religious centre of the tribe Histra and their capital city. Also, visit the hill Svetica or Monte Madonna on which top you can find remnants of a settlement with fortification. Visit Muntić where the findings of prehistoric pottery from the Bronze age and the Iron age were discovered. The locality of St. Stephen is located along the coast and is widely famous for its rich archeological finding.