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Vacation time in the city of Novigrad


The city of Novigrad (Cittanova) is located on the north-west coast of Istria, just 25 kilometers away from the border with Slovenia and 15 kilometed away from other urban tourist hot-spots like Poreč, Umag and Buje.
Located on the north-west coast of the Istrian peninsula, Novigrad is 25 kilometers away from the border with Slovenia and 15 kilometers from Poreč, Umag and other tourist hot-spots of Istria. Located on a half way from Umag and Poreč, Novigrad is one of the most desirable places for tourists. Although great popularity, Novigrad has kept his charm of a peaceful Istrian fishing town.
The area Novigrad is situated on was inhabited in the ancient times and is mentioned in the 7th century as Neapolis. Being rich with its cultural and historical heritage, Novigrad has a wide offer of archeological findings and historical monuments.
Being located on the north-west coast of Istria and relatively close to other tourist hot-spots, Novigrad is surrounded with untouched Mediterranean nature typical for this area. Staying in one of the apartments, houses and villas in Novigrad is the perfect choice for a family vacation while the clean beaches and coves are the main advantages of Novigrad.
Beside the natural beauties, beaches and coves, Novigrad has a wide range of cultural and fun events to offer. The most popular activities are Fešta svetog Pelagija, sport venues and events but also the monumental heritage like the church of St. Pelagija and St. Maksim. Gastronomical offer of restourants in Novigrad follows the trend of the Istrian and Mediterranean gastro-culture which will leave all gourmets speachless.