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Vacation time in Pješćana uvala

Pjescana uvala

Pješćana uvala is a place with a very rich tourist offer. It was originaly built as a peaceful residential oasis for the citizens of Pula which have built, while trying to get away from the city noise, a modern town and family hotels.
Pješćana uvala is located at the end of the long Verudian channel and is about 5 kilometers away from the Istrian capital of Pula. Protected from the wind and being daily sunbathed with pleasant temperatures also during the winter, its is a perfect place for a family vacation. Because it is located right next to Pula, Pješćana uvala offers to its guests the combination from the very best of the two vacation types - a peaceful and relaxing vacation with a wide choice of historic and cultural events in the city noise.
The territory of Pješćana uvala is inhabited since the prehistoric area and Antiquity so the findings of Histrians and ancient Romans are not unusual. With its cultural and historic sights, Pješćana uvala offers to its guests a wide choice of content, especially for those interested in the Istrian history.
For all nautical enthusiasts, Pješćana uvala has one of the best equipped marinas in Croatia with 650 berths on 18 piers with 250 dry berths more. The marina invests every year into modernization.
If you decide to book an apartment, house or villa in Pješćana uvala in the summer, a wide offer of events will provide you with a dream vacation, while the gastronomical offer is in accordance with the Istrian and Mediterranean reputation.