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Things to do in Pješčana uvala during your holiday

Things to do in Pjescana uvala

Pješčana uvala is a small tourist resort just a few kilometers away from the urban city center of Istria, Pula. Therefore, you can combine the available content from both destinations - Pula offers the urban lifestyle while Pješčana uvala offers the gastronomical experience and the maximum level of privacy. The wide choice of the cultural and historic content will won't leave you disappointed.
The surrounding of Pješčana uvala is inhabited in the prehistoric and ancient times so you can expect many archeological findings from that era. Some of the most famous historic sights are the biggest fort in Istria situated on the Vintijan hill and Vinkuran stonepit from whose stone was the amphitheater of Pula built. Also, the Austro-Hungarian heritage and its fortification system are visible.
We recommend you to visit the church of St. Nicholas The Traveler, a new building of a distinctive look in the form of a white ship, located on the top of the hill. Also, the island of Veruda, the Friars island, the remainings of the church of Blessed Virgin Mary and the Friars monastery and cemetery from the 17th century are notable for visiting.
From the events and manifestations being held in Pješčana uvala, Fešta od raki stands out. It is a gastronomical party with crab dishes. Some other manifestations to visit are - the Vinkuran night, a traditional folk party; Games of skills and speed; The Night of Pješćana uvala, the traditional folk party being held in the summer season.