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Holiday vacation in the city of Pula


Pula is situated on the very south of the Istrian peninsula. The biggest Istrian city, full of history events and monuments, rich culture and entertaining mentality, Pula is surrounded by the beautiful nature, picturesque towns and the beautiful sea. If you are planning a vacation in Pula, be sure to book great apartments, houses and villas.
Pula is a city which from the ancient times excels by its importance. Thousand years BC Pula was inhabited by the first inhabitants of the Istrian peninsula. Pula is mentioned even in the Greek mythology.

Today Pula excels by its rich cultural and history heritage. One of the most famous monuments and a symbol of Pula surely is the famous amphitheater, known as The Arena. It hosts many events, concerts, exhibitions and festivals through the year. If you'r coming to Pula be sure to visit the famous triumphal arc, the Forum, the temple of Augustus and the Archeological museum.

Pula is surrounded by its many beaches, both rocky and gravel. On the beaches of Pula everyone can find a place for himself - a solitary rock in one of the bays or an entertaining beach full of fun and various activities.

If you are staying in one of the houses, villas or apartments in Pula and you wish to prepare a true Mediterranean dinner, you will surely find many and fresh ingredients on the market.

But if you are just into relaxing, without any obligations, many restaurants will happily serve you with their specialties and top service. Pula is full of charming and elegant Mediterranean restaurants which offer will not leave you indifferent.

Many sports activities are available in Pula. There is a wide offer of land and sea sports.

If you decide to leave the city for a moment, the nearby towns and villages will show you hospitality and the happy hosts will welcome you in their taverns and wine roads. There is the national park Brijuni in the nearby which you surely have to visit while on the vacation.

Pula is the city in the very top of the tourist destinations and in the last years it is full of impressive events. There is a wide offer of hotels, apartments, houses and villas for accommodation in Pula and the place nearby.