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Discover more ideas for what to do on your vacation in Pula

Things to do in Pola

Pula is a city full of various activities for everyone who decides to visit this cultural and historical nucleus of the Istrian peninsula.
Mild climate, untouched nature, a clean and a calm sea are one of the attractive factors for visiting Pula. Every corner and every street of this city hide something interesting and some attributes characteristic for this part of the Mediterranean.

If you get tired of swimming and tanning on one of many beaches, take an evening walk through the streets of Pula.

Visit the biggest and the most important monument of Pula - The Arena. If you want, participate in one of the famous festivals or concerts which are daily held here, especially during the summer months. Be sure not to miss the famous triumphal arch - The Golden door and the Temple of Augustus, famous cultural and historical monuments, rich museums.

The city of Pula has a long tradition of winemaking and fishing and because of that it has developed an authentic cuisine which you try find on every step in Pula. Be sure to try the famous Istrian fish specialties, maneštre, fuže or fritaje. Don't miss the glass of the Istrian great wine, malmsey and teran.

Besides the interesting history, culture and gastronomy, Pula offers you various sports and entertainment activities in the city or at the beach.

Visit many Istrian natural beauties around Pula, let yourself enjoy the picturesque small towns, sail the crystal clear sea, engage in an adventure of the National park of Brijuni, fulfill every moment with an unforgettable experience.

Pula is definitely a place worth of visit so book an apartments, house, villa or some other form of accommodation in Pula and enjoy your dream holiday.