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What to do on your vacation in Rovinj – ideas and tips

Things to do in Rovinj

The city beneath the Lim channel will give you the top experience full of good and positive emotions. It will fulfill you with the Istrian joy and the Mediterranean relaxation. Rovinj is a dynamic city, especially in the summer where you can surely find many activities, depending on your wishes.
On the one hand, Rovinj is an urban and a modern city, while on the other hand it is full of old sea and romantic stories interwoven with the Mediterranean spirit.

Visit old monuments, the baroque church of St. Eufemia, the harbor, the marina, old streets and squares full of joy. Walk to the downtown center and enjoy drinking coffee in one of the coffee shops or bars.

The beautiful nature is a part of Rovinj and its surroundings. Enjoy in a walk, sporting and recreation activities, sailing, diving, cycling and exploring many secret beauties. Explore the Lim channel and the surrounding villages with old wine roads which will make you a wine aficionado.

After the glass of a good Istrian wine, head to one of the famous restaurants and enjoy in some of the most famous Istrian specialities. If you are a fan of the sun and the sea, the beaches of Rovinj will be your destination through the day. You can find rocky, gravel and stone beaches, peaceful ones or beaches full of attractions. You can visit one of the many festivals or some of the animation and entertaining programs in the summer. What you don't want to miss in Rovinj is the trip to the St. Andrew island with its famous castle from the 6th century which is located close to the city.