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Holiday vacation in the village of Barban


Barban is a small picturesque village in Istria and is located at the south part of the eastern Istria, southeast of the river Raša and north-west of the Raška gulf. It stands out because of its natural surrounding so characteristic for the Istrian area. Also, many villas and houses make it an ideal destination for spending your vacation and keeping the privacy for yourself.
Barban is between 20 and 30 km apart from other coast cities li Pula, Poreč, Rovinj and Labin. The history of the village is rich while it's considered that the area is inhabited from the end of the 6th century.

The village of Barban is offering you a choice of hotels, camps, apartments, houses and villas. As a small place, it secures you to keep the maximal privacy for yourself and enjoy the Mediterranean climate and landscape.

Although it frequently changed owners, Barban nurtures its true Istrian culture. The memories on the former owners Venetians and the Habsburgs are awakened by the beautiful remaining of the cultural heritage through the area.

Since Barban is situated more in the inside of the peninsula then the shore, you can find many luxury villas on this area. Such form of accommodation represents an ideal choice for a family vacation.