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What to do during your vacation in Barban

Things to do in Barban ?

Barban is a small picturesque village in Istria, just 20 km apart from bigger Istrian cities. Untouched nature, exit to the sea in the Raška gulf and other content contributed to the rapid tourism development in the last ten years.
Also, the restored villages with their offer including luxurious villas are offering an specific experience characteristic for the inside of the Istrian peninsula. Many other contents are attracting tourists to this area, especially the gastronomy, the adrenaline, recreative and cultural content.

If you are visiting Barban in August don't miss the competition Trka na prstenac in which horse riders are galloping in full charge and are trying to hit a metal ring with a chain. This competition first mentioned in 1696. attracts hundred of tourists every year and is supported with other tourist content.

If you want to explore the history of this area head for the Mirna river valley, then to Raša, the city full of coal mines built in architectural style inspired by the Roman imperial style in the year of 1936. and 1937.