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Ideas for activities in Istria for children and families

Activities for children and families in Istria

Summer vacation is the perfect time to indulge in everything we keep postponing!
The school is out, children can be heard in every corner of the room, and your vacation is about to start? Great! It's time for laughter, happiness and enjoyment. Fill your long-awaited vacation with activities you and your children will never forget. Although children's summer holidays last longer than your vacation, make the most of it and make beautiful memories in one of charming villas with pools or modern apartments with an impeccable interior and exterior.

How about sleeping in, watching your favourite movies and cartoons, swimming for hours and playing with your loved ones? It sounds great, but if you are going to be in Istria, why not spend your time indulging in one of its many activities!

If you wish to meet the colourful world of the underwater animal kingdom, be sure to visit one of the popular aquariums in Pula, Umag and Rovinj. Anemones, various algae, clams and crabs, snails, and starfish, dentex, crows, groupers, octopus and lobsters are only some of the inhabitants of the aquarium waiting for you.

Other than for the length of its coast, Istria is famous for its small animals that children can come very close to and watch them play. The squirrel park will thrill your little ones, matched only by a visit to Istria's butterfly garden. The flower-shaped garden is bursting with plants and flowers, which have therapeutic effect to anyone who sees them, and is an oasis of different butterflies. Pick a colour and follow your favourite butterfly's wings.

Wake your senses and use a day to tour the plant world, dominated by the Histria Aromatica park. This spacious arboretum is situated on the Pižanovac hill next to the village of Golaš by Bale, and is a sort of a theme park about autochthonous, medicinal, aromatic Mediterranean plants and herbs. Beautiful lavender, mint, chamomile, marigold and sage fields, olive groves and vineyards evoke the feeling of old family farms typical for Istria.

If you wish to enjoy the view of celestial bodies and astronomical phenomena, be sure to visit the oldest astronomy observatory in Pula. Thanks to its tradition in astronomy, as much as 28 new planetoids have been discovered in Pula, one of which is aptly named Istria.

After your tour, refresh yourself in popular water parks, which offer an adrenaline rush for the entire family. If you want to experience something different and unusual, visit the Verudela waterpark, go for a panoramic flight over Istria in Aeropark or zip line over the magnificent Pazin cave.

The possibilities are endless. You choose the best!