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Natural attractions in Istria – Explore Istria's natural beauty

Explore Istria’s natural attractions

Do you want to enjoy magically diverse nature, clean Mediterranean air and crystal clear sea? All that and more awaits you in Istria!
National parks, waterfalls, nature parks, caves and forest parks are just some of the natural attractions of Istria. Experience the scent and enjoy the combination of seaside and continental beauty that the Istrian peninsula has managed to preserve. A vacation in Istria is a unique experience weaved through with primordial natural values, drenched in sunshine and surrounded by blue seas.
Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate throughout the year, Istria is the perfect place for relaxing your body and mind, where you can get to know Istrian oasis merging tradition, culture and breathtaking nature regardless of the seasons, which is why Istria is widely considered as an eco-friendly and healthy tourist destination. This picturesque peninsula is also knows for its modern, attractive and impeccably designed villas and apartments, where you can return after a day chock-full of activities.

Meet the natural attractions of the Istrian underwater
Find a way to the Baredine cave, a protected geo-morphical natural monument that took thousands of years to create. Visit a unique work of natural forces, Istria's largest underground river, Pazinčica. Experience the underground jewellery of the Fešinsko kraljevstvo cave, sitting above lakes full of mirror-lake water, and be sure to explore a veritable gem and one of the largest caves of the Istrian underground, the Mramornica cave.

Rich offer of Istria's natural beauties
All lovers of untouched nature, away from the summer bustle and heat, should go to the south-eastern coast of Istria, home of the Brijuni National Park comprising 14 islands, which is one of the most beautiful national parks in the Mediterranean, representing a unique interplay of nature and cultural and historic heritage. To those who wish to enjoy beauties of mountains and one of the most beautiful panoramas in this part of Europe we recommend climbing to the highest peak of the Učka Nature Park, one of the northernmost points of the Mediterranean and the only place in the world where you can see the endemic učkarski zvončić flower. The Kamenjak cape, one of the last oases that has preserved its original appearance in located in the southernmost part of Istria with 30 kilometres of rugged coastline full of picturesque coves, capes and beaches.
Istria has six more different categories of protection of nature. It is up to you to discover the wealth of six park forests, nine protected parts of landscape, five botanic gardens, one zoo, three geo-morphological and one gological natural monument and two monuments of park architecture.