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Trekking paths and routes all over Istria

Trekking in Istria

If you want to take care of your body during vacation, try a slightly more demanding form of walking: trekking!
Replace every day of relaxation by the beach and the sounds of the sea with a different view of natural beauty. Feel the love between animals and lush Mediterranean vegetation by walking on most beautiful trails through Istria's magical landscapes. Adapt to the peace and quiet of the nature, explore Istria's picturesque symbols and rest your body and soul on waking and trekking tours.

If you are an adrenaline junkie looking for an active vacation, Istria offers many exciting activities. With more than 300 kilometres of cycling trails, Istria offers countless opportunities for those who want to take a leisurely walk through the magic offered by the natural, cultural and historic beauties of the Mediterranean peninsula with their families. The charm of Istria's intimate nature will also welcome you in your villa or apartment, which are designed to satisfy even the most discernible of guests.

Varied tourist offer for walking and trekking
If you decide to go for active sightseeing, choose trails that are suitable for your fitness level in their length and difficulty.

Footpaths and mountain trails in Istria are demarcated (white dot with a red border), and are sometimes accompanied by signposts offering alternative routes. There are countless trails, and their accessibility varies. Due to abundant vegetation that covers the markings in late spring it is not always possible to ensure the optimum condition of every trail, so be sure to get information about the state of every trail in the tourist office before you leave or join an organized trekking tour.

If you don't want to miss a chance to take in a view that spans from vineyards and olive groves all the way to the sea, choose the Sveti Zoran trail which leads back to Brtonigla by the white road. Everyone who wishes to see and experience the magic of the area once dominated by the railway composition from Poreč to Trieste should try the Parenzana trail, offering a stunning view of the Piran bay and Sečovlje saltworks. You will also love the historic town of Višnjan, which you can reach by taking the Venetian lion trail. This mighty name conveys the feeling of the rule of the Venetian Republic. The rural Vižinada and surrounding area have two footpaths, while the Funtana footpath in Vrsar is the main destination of many visitors. The top of the Vrsar bell tower offer a stunning view of Istria's natural beauties.

Central Istria boasts the most beautiful trekking routes, especially the area north of Pazin, towards the Butoniga lake and around the village of Gračišće. This region has a series of hills with picturesque Istrian villages, medieval towns and not-to-be-missed churches. The hills are surrounded by small valleys and canyons with countless streams developing into cascades and waterfalls hidden to the average visitors with a impenetrable veil of lush vegetation and inaccessible terrain.

Come and explore! Istria offers countless opportunities for discovering beautiful and untapped areas. Fans of walking and trekking have hundreds of kilometres of marked roads, from less demanding to rugged ones.
It is up to you to choose and make your vacation even better!