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Visit Istria by car – check here the information

Visit Istria by car

Thanks to Istria's connections to the rest of Croatia and Europe, the most practical way to reach the picturesque Mediterranean peninsula is by car.
It is interesting to note that the first roads were the paths that n prehistoric times connected settlements with sources of water or puddles, and settlements themselves. People living in what is today Istria maintained connections to the neighbouring regions, mostly at sea, as soon as in the neolithic age. Those connections were later strengthened, especially during the Bronze Age, when fortified settlements emerged.

Thanks to a favourable geographic position and good traffic connections to the closest European destinations, the best way to reach Istria is still by car. This is helped by the fact that Istria's traffic network has been renovated and expanded, which means that the traffic jams on Croatian roads are now history. By constructing the new road network, safety has been greatly strengthened, and travelling has been made easier.

If you are arriving to Istria from the west, from Slovenia, you will cross one of the three road border crossings: Plovanija-Sečovlje, Kaštel-Dragonja or ili Požane-Sočerga, after which you will directly access the Umag-Novigrad region. Keep in mind that traffic is heavier during the summer, which may cause shorter delays.

If you are arriving from the east, by using Croatian highways from Zagreb or Split, drive towards Rijeka. After passing the Učka tunnel, drive towards Buzet, and after about half an hour you will reach Buje, followed by other destinations of north-western Istria: Brtonigla, Umag and Novigrad.

Now your journey will be shorter and much more comfortable thanks to the Istrian highway, which connects the entire Istria, and is known as the Istrian Y motorway.

Welcome to Istria! Treat yourself to luxurious Istrian villas and apartments that are far enough from bustling cities, bus close enough to quiet beaches and sail with us along Istria's blue coastline while diving into picturesque motifs of the Mediterranean.