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Calendar of festivals, concerts and other events in Istria

Schedule of events in Istria

Plan ahead, reserve your time and enjoy the music, culture, sports and gastronomic events in Istria. 
Are you ready to take you vacation to the next level with new and traditional Mediterranean flavours? Do you want to try your hand at various sports activities and find out about new developments in the world of sports? Have you decided to explore rare historic gems of Istria? You can do all that and more thanks to the varied offer of different events and festivals that take place every year on Croatia's largest peninsula. Pack your essentials, bring lots of good thoughts and positive energy, book you accommodation in one of Istria's luxurious villas and enjoy countless events for every age.

Thanks to its geographic position, the vicinity of main mainland and sea routes of central Europe, the pleasant Mediterranean climate, warm sea and the abundance of natural beauties, Istria is one of rare regions bursting with different types of events, from those in its littoral part, to the ones in rural areas.

What to visit and what to take part in?
Experience the values of the Mediterranean in the proper sense of the world. The gastronomic events will take you to a world of traditional natural ingredients making up unforgettable tastes, scents and memories. We underline the Istrian Asparagus Days, where you will have the opportunity to taste indigenous, wild vegetables, which serves as both food and medicine and is considered as Istria's delicacy. Prepare your palate for heavenly pleasures of the celebrated fish that has fed countless generations of Mediterranean families: visit Sadelafest and enjoy the nutritious sardine. After the rich Mediterranean flavour, enjoy the top quality Istrian wine at the Open Wine Cellar Days, and take a glass of local wine to the international antique festival Sepomaia viva, which will take you to a time when Istria was rules by the Romans.

Although you wish to use you vacation rest your body and mind, we would like to suggest a different approach, which will expose you to the beauties of Istrian nature and rural architecture of the stunning Mediterranean tiny continent. Take you bicycles and go against the current, in the direction opposite from the sea, towards Juricani, the starting point of the amateur MTB bicycle tour. Join the group of cyclists embarking on their adventure from the Our Lady of Lourdes folk festival in Radini by Brtonigla that has been celebrating the apparition of Virgin Mary for over 80 years. International tennis tournaments bring many sports and entertainment activities and attract male and female tennis players of all ages.

Other than gastronomy and sports events, Istria organizes the Staaari Rocker moto meeting, bringing together all bikers and speed addicts. Furthermore, every year Umag is the host of an international festival of rare old timer cars.

Everybody who wants to have a good time will something for themselves: concerts by world-famous musicians, electronic music by top DJs, rock evenings or uproarious laughter with stand-up comedy are only some of the events you can enjoy in Istria.