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Our guide to cycling routes in Istria

Cycling in Istria

Explore the secrets of Istria by taking one of more than 60 marked cycling trails hidden in parts of pristine nature. Istria is perfect for cycling!
In addition to its rich natural and cultural beauties, what makes Istria so attractive are also 3000 kilometres of cycling trails for mountain and road cycling. If you wish to get to know this Mediterranean peninsula without touring only city art galleries, charming churches and Baroque galleries, the bicycle is an excellent way for exploring at your own pace. Other than the opportunity to enjoy endless gorgeous landscapes, the silence of centuries-old forests and the exuberance of picturesque mountains, rocks and caves, you will also discover a new dimension to find yourself and your senses.

Pleasantly warm summers, mild winters and favourable springs and autumns make Istria the perfect destination for cycling throughout the year. Thanks to the favourable climate and infrastructure, start your cycling challenge in a place that will stimulate all your senses and your curiosity will be sparked from the very morning starting your vacation. Immerse yourself in morning scents and summer noises and enjoy endless views of the surrounding area from the absolute comfort provided by Istrian villas and apartments. 

Cycling from north to south

The configuration of the Istrian terrain and numerous cycling trails will satisfy all types of cyclists, from amateurs to the most demanding ones, which is the main reason why the number of cyclists using Istrian trails has been rapidly growing for the past ten years. If you didn't bring your own bicycle or don't own one, you are most welcome to one of Istria's bike hotels offering rental of bicycles. Start your cycling adventure and make beautiful memories while vigorously pedalling.

If you start your cycling adventure in northern Istria, you can choose one of nine circular trails in the total length of 400 kilometres. You will have to make more effort when cycling through small villages and hamlets, but it will definitely pay off. Beautiful vistas from picturesque hills will leave you breathless!

North-western Istria is considered to be a veritable cycling oasis on the Adriatic coast; we invite you to come see for yourself! Many come to visit this tourist region precisely because it boasts 19 marked trails suitable for any profile of cyclists. For fans of mountain bikes, we underline 12 trails in the Umag – Novigrad region, which is also the home of the beautiful Parenzana excursion trail with the motto "The route of health and friendship".

Some of the most beautiful cycling trails with various amenities in north-western Istria are: the Momjanski muškat trail (32.8 km), the Treasure of Umag Riviera (16.2 km), the Istrian malvasia trail (35.6 km), the Taste and tradition Riviera (14.6 km), the St. Pelegrin train (35.9 km), the St. Pelagius trail (34.1 km), the Montanara trail (93.5 km) and the Salviana trail (42.6 km).

Central Istria is perfect for casual tourists and amateur athletes who love to capture every moment they experience in small towns and villages in which time seems to have stopped. There are 7 mapped cycling trails circling the Istrian capital of Pazin in the length of 230 kilometres and completely separated.
If you are looking for completely isolated beaches where rays of sun are reflected in the sea, be sure to explore cycling trails of the eastern coast of Istria, which require a good level of fitness.

In southern Istria you can discover almost 300 kilometres of cycling trails, divided into eight laps, and visit Medulin, Marčana and Rakalj, situated towards the eastern end of Istria, and finally Pula, Istria's largest city.
Istria offers many cycling events throughout the year, so be sure to register and complete you visit with unforgettable and dynamic experiences!