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Scuba diving in Istria – the best scuba diving locations

Diving in Istria

Experience the Istrian peninsula from a different perspective: from underwater! Immerse yourself in the hidden and pristine gem of the Mediterranean and experience the adventure of a lifetime. 
The turquoise Adriatic Sea is considered to be the purest sea in Europe, which makes Croatia a favourite destination of many tourists. This is not surprising because this stunning part of nature, with a coastline spanning over 5,790 km, is one of the most beautiful and most indented coastlines in the world. With over a thousand islands dotting the rocky coastline, the Adriatic Sea offers a small treasure for everyone.

But, what is hidden under the surface of the endless blue? Fans of diving and newcomers will have the adventure of a lifetime! The Adriatic hides many beautiful landscapes, has numerous protected plant and animal species, but also shipwrecks, planes, caves and remnants of bygone civilizations which provide magical scenes in the complete purity of the sea.

Dive into the big blue and experience absolute peace. Adapt to the underwater world boasting beautiful flora and fauna and breathe in the rhythm of the sealife. The Istrian underwater is a veritable garden of beauty opening the doors of the sunny and warm Mediterranean. Don't worry, you don't have to be a professional diver to enjoy the beauties of the underwater. Diving centres all over Istria organize diving courses (CMAS, PADI, NITROX, APNEA) taking you to gorgeous underwater locations.

There are also educational underwater trails for making the first diving steps, but also learning about the sea and its beauties. The interesting educational trail leading to preserved natural and archaeological values has been open in Brijuni, the island national park alongside Istria's coastline. The 500 m trail is not difficult and is suitable to visitors of any age that can swim and use a mask and snorkel. The 45-minute tour includes swimming and underwater sightseeing in small depths, complete with an audio-guide and educational boards on various points.

Thanks to the mild climate and the warm sea, you can dive throughout the entire year. The pleasant Mediterranean climate is due to temperatures that reach their maximum between June and October, with the average temperature of the sea of 22 C. Tides are very mild.

The favourable conditions and pleasant temperatures are added reasons for exploring the wealth of the Istrian underwater world.

Pamper yourself with a stay in a luxurious Istrian villa with a pool or an apartment exuding warmth and elegance and set off exploring three thousand years of underwater history. The hidden world awaits!