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Wellness and health centres in Istria - Arrangements and offers

Wellness and health in Istrian hotels

Take a break from everyday stress and relax in the warm and intimate wellness ambiance after a long day.
Treat your body to a memorable holiday! How about an aromatherapy experience, hot chocolate massage or soothing oil peeling that helps circulation and gives the skin a fresh and rested appearance? Feel the calmness and comfort and experience the unique combination of nature and natural products that will give you a complete balance of body, soul and mind.

Pamper yourself with a rich offer of wellness treatments
Istria is the perfect host to any guest. Anyone can find something for themselves; to make Istria live up to your expectations, its luxurious apartments and villas by the sea offer different world-class content and are perfect for the relaxation of body and mind. Use your free time and indulge in harmonious wellness services of top-class hotels based on modern knowledge and technologies.

A rich combination of the Mediterranean climate, crystal clear sea and picturesque footpaths and lush vegetation make Istria the perfect choice for wellness and lead you to a world of unforgettable Croatian wellness experiences and spa pleasures. Experience carefully designed wellness and spa packages available throughout the year in best wellness centres around Istria.

Thanks to Istria's long tradition of wellness services that dates back to the Roman era, the quality of service is undeniable. Indoor and outdoor pools, hydro-massage baths, a fitness centre, wine therapies, anti-stress aromatherapy, beauty treatments and anti-cellulite massages are only a few of the services intended to revive the life energy.

Wellness and health in Istria
The philosophy of a healthy lifestyle includes physical and mental activities, as well as a healthy diet and pleasant little details. A healthy body is the essential for a healthy spirit and a good life. All that and more is available on the picturesque Mediterranean peninsula, one of Europe's most popular luxurious wellness destinations. Book your perfect vacation and treat yourself to one of many revitalizing wellness packages in Istria.