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Istrian gastronomy and wines – A guide to the Istrian cuisine

Istrian gastronomy and wines

Istria's gastronomy and wine have always been a source of inspiration and a reflexion of geographic and climate features of the peninsula abounding in tastes.

The diversity of the Istrian cuisine will thrill any palate. The polyphony of tastes and aromas such as you have never experiences is due to different historic and cultural traditions merging in the people's cuisine during Istria's turbulent past. 
The Istrian gastronomy is a gift of unspoiled green nature and the beautiful sea surrounding the peninsula, which is the result of the magic of light dishes you cannot get enough of and that keep making you try new, traditionally prepared delicacies. Regardless of whether you are staying in the hinterland of the peninsula, in a modern villa with a pool, or by the coastal pearls of Istria in beautifully decorate apartments, this wine and gastronomy destination offers local specialities at every step of the mysterious Istria.

Authentic values of the blue and green haven
Based on the Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, Istrian food is mostly prepared with plenty of aromatic spices, vinegar, olive oil and wine and is served only with local fresh ingredients.

When walking in coastal Istria, the freshness of the sea merged with mysterious scents from nearby restaurants will beckon you to try white fish or sardines, the Mediterranean scallop or kapešante, which food aficionados consider to be one the tastiest scallops in the world thanks to the meeting of salty seawater with fresh river water; impressively sized scampi, seafood soup or risotto, Adriatic squid or cuttlefish, fried clams and other delicacies guaranteeing ultimate pleasure.

The secret of Istria is the aromas of the traditional food, so you mustn't miss out on trying meat and pasta dishes, such as veal baked under the bell, ombolo and sausages with sauerkraut, venison gnocchi, vegetable minestrone, sheep cheese and other authentic dishes that are more than just a meal when served in Istrian houses.

The symbol of the Istrian and the apex of Istrian gastronomy are prosciutto and truffles, two foods treated with care and love and considered to be among the healthiest products in the Mediterranean.

Istria's finest wines with harmonius aromas
A testimony to the quality of Istrian wines is the recognition bestowed by the association of Istrian winemakers, which awards the Istrian Quality (IQ) label only to top quality wines. Thanks to the rocky soil, countless hours of sunshine and Istria's people, who have preserved the richness of the soil, Istria boasts autochthonous wines such as the famous, sophisticated white wine with fresh taste, the IQ-awarded Istrian Malvasia. The IQ mark signals the consumer that this is an Istrian Malvasia of a quality that exceeds the legally stipulated threshold with certificate of origin.

Top Istrian wine is a must on the Istrian table. We recommend the most famous white and red Istrian wines, such as Teran, Muškat, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, to go with the region's best specialities

Indulge in the pleasant ambiance and top Istrian wines and discover why the ancient Romans called Istria the pantry of gods!