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All about Istria–Tourist guide and information


Thanks to a combination of incredibly hospitable people, culture and natural beauties, this lively peninsula is the favourite destination of many curious visitors.
Surrounded by the crystal clear Adriatic and situated at the foot of the Alps, this heart-shaped peninsula, the biggest one on the Adriatic, is located on the territories of Croatia, Slovenia, and, in a small part, Italy, which makes it the closes Mediterranean destination for people of central Europe.
Throughout the centuries Istria has been the land that attracted many conquerors due to its specific geographic location, which is why it is often said that the European history is centred in Istria thanks to the merger of three European civilizations: Roman, Germanic and Slavic. Many historic monuments testify to Istria's turbulent history, where many peoples have left their mark in architecture, wall paining and numerous churches.

When touring Istria in all its parts, you will have the opportunity to discover incredible charms of edifices such as the Roman amphitheatre and triumphal arches, tiny early Christian churches, Byzantine mosaics, medieval hilltop towns, Renaissance frescoes and ramparts, Gothic windows, secretive treasuries and lush Mediterranean gardens.

In addition to many cultural monuments and heritage, this sun-drenched picturesque peninsula managed to preserve many natural beauties, which is why Istria is considered to be an eco-friendly and healthy tourist destination. The lush Mediterranean greenery and forests merge with the blue seas to make a magical landscape of the Istrian oasis.

The Istrian peninsula, surrounded with pinewood and shurbland, boasts as many as 43 beaches with the Blue Flag certificate. The Blue Flag symbolizes clean, safe and pleasant environment for fun, relaxation and recreation. Immerse yourself in the magic of pristine beaches, which are like gems dotting the coastline of Umag, Poreč, Rovinj, Pula or Rabac or enjoy the fullness of scents, flavours and summer sounds.

If you are an explorer at heart and wish to spend your days actively, we recommend a day out for two: you and your two-wheeled friend. If you wish to discover Istria's famous secrets not only by touring only city art galleries, charming churches and Baroque galleries, you can get to know this Mediterranean peninsula thanks to 300-km long bicycle trails for MTB and road cycling. If you prefer to do some active touring, with your loved ones or with hiking sticks, choose one of organized trekking tours and enjoy the natural beauties and hilltop settlements with a panoramic view of the breathtaking landscape.

A healthy mind in a healthy body! For those who prefer to keep in shape even during their vacation, we recommend a spot of the royal sport on one of over 94 modern tennis courts or butting heads with an opposition team in the most important of all unimportant things, football. After exertion, relax in the warm and intimate wellness ambiance and pamper yourself with a rich offer of wellness treatments.

The philosophy of a healthy lifestyle includes physical and mental activities, as well as a healthy diet and pleasant little details. For that you can count on Istrian gastronomy, which is a gift of unspoiled green nature and pristine sea, which are used to create the magic of light dishes you cannot get enough of and that keep making you try new, traditionally prepared delicacies. Authentic values of the blue and green sanctuary also include prosciutto, cheese, Boškarin meat, asparagus, home-made pasta, minestrone and truffles, which, next to olive oil and local wines, make for the ultimate menu of any agro-tourism facility and tavern.

One of the important parts of Istria's summer tradition and tourist offer are also the traditional feasts, where you can experience the spirit of Istria and get to know its people and customs. Istria's greatest treasure are its people, so it is essential to let the local population introduce you to the region, heritage, culture and customs.

Pack your bags, book one of Istria's luxurious villas and apartments, forget about the everyday humdrum and duties and immerse yourself in the magic of the Istrian peninsula, which will lead you to a new dimension of pleasure.